Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finished Products

Winter in the midwest... Oh how I dream of spring...

But now to happier thoughts! Like... my finished projects! Hooray!!! Exclamation Points!!!

First is my wine colored cap. Its long and its warm, but its not what one might call... cute. Its definitely comfortable and on those cold -13 degree days it does the job. Its just not gonna win any fashion prizes. Ever.

I loved working with the yarn though. Its the first time I've worked with bulky Cascade. The yarn is soft, but still has some body to it, which means its nice on the hands, and it doesn't just flop over. I did screw up the decrease, when I dropped a stitch and then picked it up with the wrong DPN, but my mom told me no one will notice so... fingers crossed.

I also finished the cutest damn baby hat ever. Working with teeny tiny metal hooks was really
rough on my fingers. I think my index fingers are bruised on the ends. I also had to give up on my scottish yarn when, while at a very bizarre superbowl party, literally ripped a stitch in half. Disheartened, I ripped the whole thing out, which was stupid but alas.

So instead of I used my sport weight Cascade in turtle and a dusty brown. This yarn was much stronger and just like it's chunky brother, was still very soft. It held up to my super, stitch ripping powers and still looks very cute. I like the color combo too.

And now to make some baby booties to match the hat!

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  1. Love the baby hat. I think I'll make myself an adult-sized version. Great knitting!


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